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Chinese Kung Fu

Kung fu remains one of the great fighting arts influencing the growth of martial arts in countries such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, United Sates, Europe and Canada.

Wing Chun is one branch of Chinese Kung Fu that, fortunately, remains preserved despite modernization. Wing Chun remains uniquely strong because the teacher must make contact with the student using a training method known as “chi sao” which places student and teacher in comfortable striking distance from one another.

Students benefit from experiencing both why contact is made and is not being made. The rules of this game are simply “Don’t get hit; and make contact with your training partner; be patient and relax.” Chi Sao is the primary way to train your autonomous fighting reflexes in Wing Chun. The wooden dummy or “wooden man”  is another teaching aid. It helps you to enter the center, move around an obstacle, step back, redirect an implied force, as well as helps you to understand your optimal punching and kicking range. It is less of a striking object than you might think!

There are many great teachers below. Each will have their own unique expression of the art based on their character and lineage.  My best advice is to visit each and find the person who you can connect with.


Rolling Hands
Downtown Vancouver
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Phone: 778-928-2266


Lit Wing Chun
Unit 1010, 8888 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, BC