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Private Lessons in Wing Chun

Paul Williams, Wing Chun Kung Fu


I offer private lessons in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Private instruction is one of the best ways to learn a martial art mainly because you get the time to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Lessons are adjusted to match your level of skill. The system starts slowly and accelerates as I know that you can handle specific and targeted movements. You will be surprised by what you can do!

Wing Chun is a philosophy of movement that has practical self-defense applications.

My classes focus on the following: position, placement, unity, connection, time and space. Because Wing Chun does not place an emphasis on muscular development, you will learn to use your bones, limbs,  joints and center to deal with another, naturally.

Classes are open to both men or women, beginners and experienced persons. All martial styles are welcome.

I hope you enjoy learning Wing Chun.

My rates are provided below:

Hourly Rate: $60 / hour
Each 4 weeks: $200 (Save $40)

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