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I started RollingHands.com because I honestly feel that it’s the best martial art in the world! I realize that there are other great arts out there. Wing Chun is a complete art involving throws, kicks, traps, strikes, sensitivity, force and infinite changes. It can deal with short-range to mid-range attacks. The art prefers to be close and connected with another person.

Kung Fu Lineage

Ip Ching practicing chi sao with Sifu Matt Johnson
Ip Ching practicing chi sao with Sifu Matt Johnson, Chicago

My lineage results from Yip Man. Our Sigung (or Grand Master) is Ip Ching. He is the youngest son of Ip Man,  who is the founder of the  modern art of Wing Chun known worldwide!

Ip Ching, Eric Li and Paul Williams in Hong Kong at Ving Tsun Ahtletic Association
Ip Ching, Sifu Eric Li, Paul Williams, & kung fu brother

My Sifu (or teacher), master Eric Li, began training in Wing Chun at the age of 17 with Ip Ching. He learned under Ip Ching for about twenty years in Hong Kong achieving a very high level of skill. He continues to teach in Vancouver. I am very grateful for the opportunity to train with him.

Chi Sao with a Sifu from the UK in Hong Kong
Chi Sao with a Sifu from UK in Hong Kong. There are no belts in Wing Chun. Your skill is your ability!

If you live near Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge or east Burnaby and driving to Vancouver is too far for you,  I am happy to help you learn more about Wing Chun. I offer private lessons. My goals is to have about four or five students who are dedicated to learning this art. I will be your senior kung fu brother!