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Paul Williams, Wing Chun Kung Fu


I have been studying Wing Chun for about 10 years; and previously trained in Shaolin Kun Tao for about 7 years.

Wing Chun is a great and rewarding martial art that is open to all who present themselves!

It teaches you to move to center, enter the space between you and the other and connect with him or her. The limbs between the elbow and wrist play an important role in sensing movement and controlling another, whereas, the area behind the elbow plays an important role in centring oneself (or applying mass) for power generation.  I find that a mix of communication with light contact is helpful.

Wing Chun uses a simple method based on a triangular structure to connect you visually, physically and mentally to another’s center. This triangular connection tends to implode your training partner onto himself or herself which may be expressed as discomfort. In this way, time or the flexibility to find options expands for you, while it reduces for another. The key to bridging the gap between you and another occurs in Siu Lim Tao, which is a solitary training tool for positioning and targeting, and chi sao, which enables connection with another to find weaknesses in any of four quadrants–left, right, up or down–occurring on either side of the body. The difficulty of Chi Sao is that to deal with it, one’s opponent must be completely ambidextrous and centered (or comfortable) or his or her mistakes appear. Further, finding the middle of the way is difficult because our psyche or ego becomes involved causing you to make mistakes. Though an opponent only has to reach forward to touch you, it may feel impossible for him or her to find you.

I have my own professional career. But, I can make time for people who want to learn the art and who do not have a desire to harm others.  I am open to meeting people from any style because “regardless of what you know, you have to make contact and connect to do anything.” My best advice is to just try to learn Wing Chun. If you try to compare your art versus Wing Chun, you may find that you stop being natural and you may feel frustrated because Wing Chun has its own concept that is unlike anything you have experienced in other arts.

Chi Sao practice with student from Turkey

Practicing Chi Sao with a kung fu brother.

Wing Chun is the primary art of Bruce Lee. He was taught by Yip Man who is the founder of this style of Chinese kung fu.

I hope that you enjoy Wing Chun as much as I do.

Best Regards,

Paul Williams, B.A, M.Sc, M.A.

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Phone: 778-928-2266

Email: rollinghands(at)gmail.com

Here is a great litle video from a school of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Portland, Oregon. The video does a good job of capturing the experience of new students. There is some discussion from female students at the end. Actually, the video for women interested in learning Wing Chun is located here.